1. Dance within the light

We wake in the morning and we begin making choices. Some emerge from a place of conscious desire, and others are a commitment to our subconscious.

The beauty of this life that we hold dear is: Freewill.

We have a voice, we can use this voice to speak words of Joy, Anger, Empowerment, Concern, Justification, Excitement, and almost countless other expressions. For me, there are 2 influences behind our decisions: Love and Fear.

In December 2019, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Within 16 days I was in theatre and undergoing a double mastectomy.

In the lead up to my diagnosis I was feeling the strongest I’d ever felt spiritually, emotionally and physically. Interestingly, I had a knowing, this diagnosis is happening for me.

The greatest thing that one can do within their time on this Earth is to Love without condition. To connect without intent. I feel strongly about honouring the person before you and not subjecting them to preconceived bias. Bias is a tool of fear. Fear breeds fear, always.

My diagnosis had been received, loud and clear. However, like with anything in this life, we choose where we place our energy. As with anything that is uncomfortable in this life of ours, we grow and expand our consciousness.

We are here to learn our lessons and show Love and appreciation to those around us. This diagnosis, nor treatment will alter that.

I welcome you to join me on this platform and allow me to share thoughts and reflections of this constallation in which we gaze.

“Feel the beauty of freedom; In understanding our journeys are not so, as a journey requires a destination.

We dance within a constellation, in which we are given the power to choose where we navigate.”

Joanna Jolly 2020


2 thoughts on “1. Dance within the light

  1. Your strength in acceptance of your friends, yourself and life is beautiful Jo.
    As I said last time I saw you, you seem to be wiser than your years would normally show..
    best wishes on your life journey.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your words Jase, and not only in this moment. Your continuous support is greatly appreciated and felt.
      Wishing you kindness, gratitude, fulfilment and wisdom wherever you choose to focus your energy.


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